Roughly six months have passed since Texas declared its initial “two week” lockdown, which, at the time, was a hopeful outlook on a bleak situation. While handfuls of companies have reopened (most with restrictions), the pandemic persists. So, what does this mean for those seeking jobs? And what are some effective ways to secure a job in an unpredictable world? Listed below are tips and advice from professionals of various fields, ages and backgrounds.

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“If possible, working with a recruiter can be very helpful. Recruiters have the network, they speak directly to the hiring team/manager and can help guide and prepare you for the process and interviews.”
–Jen, Regional Sales Manager

“Rely on your network of friends, family and past colleagues. Then expand on your network. Don’t be afraid to reach out, ask for help and remember to help others.”
–Zachary, Regional VP of Sales

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“Apply, apply, apply. It’s a numbers game; the more places you apply, the better chances you’ll have for an interview! Apply anywhere you remotely think you would like to work and for any position you think you could possibly do the work. Then, after each application, send an introductory email to the department head or HR director saying you’ve applied for the position. Attach your resume and cover letter for them to review and let them know your availability for interviews. Make sure your resume is up to date, clear, concise, and at least one page.”
–Tore, Events Manager

“Try not to take rejection personally. The truth is that you may never know the real reason why an employer chose a different candidate. Speculation often leads to negative conclusions, which can make the experience feel more difficult and personal. Instead, remind yourself that you’re doing your best and with time and patience, a job will come.”
-Stephen, Journalist

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While COVID-19 has brought many changes, there is still hope for finding employment. Patience, connections, determination and assistance from others can be used as fundamental tools to aid in the process. In fact, the unemployment rate has recently dropped to 8.4%, providing a glimmer of hope during these trying times. In a world where distance has become essential, joining together to help one another has simultaneously blossomed. Lean on supportive people along the way, and remember to help others, too.