Hiring Options

HJG Staffing is committed to reducing the amount of time in finding your perfect candidate. Because we have access to a pool of prime applicants, HJG eliminates your need to spend money on excess, such as advertising and interviewing.

We are happy to provide the following at no cost:

• Confidentially post your position on multiple online job boards
• Review resumes, narrowing the search and locating exemplary candidates
• Host comprehensive interviews, pre-screen candidates and conduct background checks (credit checks, drug screening, software testing available per request)
• Schedule interviews for you

Before meeting candidates,
the following will be conducted:

• Comprehensive Interviews
• Employment Verification/Reference Checks
• Skills Assessment (Software, Basic Skills, etc.)
• Criminal Background Check
• Social Security Verification
• Credit Check (per request)
• Drug Screening (per request)


You find your candidate and HJG staffing absorbs payroll costs, offering weekly pay, direct deposit, health benefits and vacation pay. You save on payroll administration, employer taxes, workers comp. and insurance.

Temporary /
Project Staffing

We find temporary short-term or long-term candidates for all instances, such as a short-term absence or to supplement a project.

Temporary to
Hire Staffing

We recruit candidates that match your hiring needs. You have the opportunity to evaluate the candidate for as long as you feel necessary before hiring. The associate remains on our payroll until you choose to make a formal offer. This option saves time and money, while decreasing turnover rates.

Direct Hire

Our professional recruiters locate candidates for you to interview and hire directly. We offer a 30-day guarantee on new hires, and you pay a competitive fee. We replace candidates at no cost.