We are excited to have you as part of our team As a new HJG associate, we will expect you to report to work on time and to complete the assignment as promised. HJG is proud of its reputation for having reliable and dependable employees. After all, it is the reputation that results in our clients calling us with more jobs for you and employees like you.

Be On Time!!!

If you are going to be late or absent due to an unavoidable situation, please call our office immediately! You may call at any time of the day or night! We appreciate calls for absences by 7:00 a.m.


    • If you are unable to report to work as scheduled or if you are going to be late – please call
      before your shift is scheduled to start
    • When your current position has ended
    • When you are available for another assignment
    • If the client wants you to stay on the assignment longer than anticipated
    • If the client wants to hire you permanently
    • If the skills required do not match the job description give to you by your HJG Representative
    • If the hours you are asked to work result in overtime – All overtime must be approved in
    • If you encounter any sensitive problem at the client site
    • If you have an accident or are injured on the job
    • If you have an address/telephone change


Timesheets are due to us by Noon (12:00PM) every Monday. Please make sure it is legible with your complete first and last name.  Submit your timesheet to payroll@houstonjackson.com or fax to (972) 717-3920.

If you miss this deadline, your paycheck will be delayed a week. Once you send your timesheet to us, please call or email our office to confirm that we received it.

You are employed and paid by HJG. Your pay period begins on Monday and ends on Sunday and payday is every Thursday. You may pick up your check between 8am & 5pm on Thursday or 9am & 3pm on Friday.


We are happy to offer all HJG associates direct deposit. Once you fill out your direct deposit form, please fax (972) 717-3920, email to payroll@houstonjackson.com or mail it back to our office. It can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks for your direct deposit to process.   Click here to downloand Direct Deposit Form


Please remember you will start out training on your new assignment and it can be a bit overwhelming. It’s important to pay close attention and learn all you can. Make sure to put your best foot forward and don’t be afraid to ask questions. We highly suggest for you to take several notes during your first few weeks.

You will be evaluated on punctuality, attendance, performance, attitude and interest during your assignment. Be sure to arrive 5-10 minutes early each day; you may want to adjust your watch or clocks according to those at your assignment.


Cell phone usage is not allowed – including text messaging. Please refrain from using your cell phone if you are not on break. You must keep your cell phone ringer off or on vibrate.


Temporary employees will only be considered for full time employment after a minimum period of 520 hours on the job, with satisfactory evaluation ratings during this time. Consideration for hire is not guaranteed and will be dependent on performance and attendance, so consider this time very important!

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