How to Set Attainable Goals

Completing a task offers a sense of accomplishment, productivity and motivation, elevating self-esteem. However, sometimes completing the smallest task, whether for work, school or everyday life feels exhausting. We often try to tackle big tasks at once or multi-task on several smaller things. Busy culture is often glorified, leading to a mentality that cramming as [...]

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How Your Staffing Agency Can Practice Positive Disruption

2020 rocked the world in an unpredictable fashion. Individuals, families, schools and the workforce were obligated to adapt accordingly. A month and some change into 2021, predictions have been made outlining how staffing companies can stand out during this new year. One of the major ways to set yourself apart is by practicing what is [...]

Team Building in the Workplace

If you work in an office, you’ll likely find yourself among the company of co-workers. In a perfect scenario, day to day operations run smoothly and everybody gets along. However, this is not always the case. Even in an optimum work environment, team building is still essential. A cohesive and understanding team is more likely [...]

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Job Searching During the Pandemic

Roughly six months have passed since Texas declared its initial “two week” lockdown, which, at the time, was a hopeful outlook on a bleak situation. While handfuls of companies have reopened (most with restrictions), the pandemic persists. So, what does this mean for those seeking jobs? And what are some effective ways to secure a [...]

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