Hiring Options

How well you control your payroll costs and staffing levels can make all the difference to your bottom line.

We understand searching for the right candidate is costly and time consuming. HJG can help you spend less time looking and more time focusing on productive and profitable matters. We also help to reduce your overall payroll cost by eliminating the expense of advertising, interviewing, and high turnover which can lead to costly unemployment claims.

Call us today and we will do the following for you at no cost…

  • Confidentially post your position on several employment sites (Monster, CareerBuilder,   Craigslist, etc.) at no charge to you.
  • Sort through resumes, interview candidates and provide you only with resumes of candidates   who fit your requirements at no charge.
  • Our pre-screened candidates will have clean criminal backgrounds and will have their   references checked before you review their resumes. (Credit checks, drug screening, software testing available per request)
  • Set up interviews for you at no charge. You can interview as many candidates as you need in   order to make the best decision for your company.

Once you have chosen a candidate to hire, our low rate will cover managing your payroll, staff administration, costly unemployment claims, employer taxes, workers” comp. costs, employee counseling, termination and exit interviews.

While our employees enjoy health and dental benefit options, weekly pay with direct deposit and holiday/vacation pay, you’ll enjoy loyal and productive team members.

All HJG Candidates will have the following before you meet them…

  • Comprehensive Face-to-Face Interviews
  • Employment Verification/Reference Checks
  • Skills Assessment (Software, Basic Skills, etc)
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Social Security Verification
  • Credit Check (per request)
  • Drug Screening (per request)

The HJG team is always flexible and ready to customize an option that will work best for you. Call us today at (972) 717-3890 or email sales@houstonjackson.com to discuss your openings and let us offer the best solution for your hiring needs.

You find a candidate on your own and HJG absorbs all payroll costs for you. Having your employee on our payroll will offer them weekly pay, direct deposit, health benefits and vacation pay while you save money on payroll administration, employer taxes, workers comp. and insurance.

HJG will find a candidate for your temporary short-term or long-term position. We will provide you with the reliable associate you need for as long as you need. Whether you need somebody to fill in during a short-term absence or you want to supplement your workforce to complete a project, we can help you achieve your staffing objectives.

HJG will recruit and find the right candidate for your team. Eliminate the time you would spend on interviewing dozens of unqualified candidates and let us find qualified candidates for you to meet. Evaluate a new associate for as long as you would like before making a final commitment to hire. We will carry the associate on our payroll to save you money, until you are ready to make a formal offer. Temporary to hire staffing is a great way to decrease unnecessary turn-over and ultimately save you time and money.

Our seasoned recruiting team will find top-notch candidates for you to interview and hire directly to your company. You pay us a competitive fee and we offer a 30-day guarantee on your new hire. If for some reason the candidate you choose does not work out, we will find you another at no cost.


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